Bright IT up: time gain, that's what it's all about!

Go for direct communication as the quickest way to information.
Go for change to online business, get rid of heavy IT-investments
and grow along with the newest trends…

Talk and connect with EVERYTHING and ANYONE

Your communication platform in the cloud

Time gain by communicating quickly, easily and efficiently with:

  • Business partners, garages, customers and suppliers
  • API data and all links
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analysis

Our All-In-One product

Your wish

Box of modules, which can run in combination with each other or with 3rd party software. Each module is a relevant piece of functionality inside garage and fleet management such as workshop, maintenance schedules, budget, stock, purchase and more.

WACSonline is multi: company, location, department, language, currency, etc.

At all levels, photos and documents can be linked to passports or files.

Our unique passport concept

Your central file

The passport in WACSonline centralises all information related to vehicle, customer or part. All information, you wish to manage, such as:

  • licence plate, fleetnumber, VIN number
  • km or miles end position
  • general and technical information
  • maintenance schemas
  • photos and documents
  • schaderapporten

Next to that you build automatically historical information by using WACSonline in the central passport such as:

  • contracts
  • service orders
  • purchase
  • tasks to be done


Our unique offer

Your comfort

You pay one price per used module, per month. No high investment costs because the price includes:

  • use of software,
  • support & helpdesk,
  • upgrades
  • hosting (= use of servers, systemsoftware, availability, back-ups)

Unlike our competitors, we charge NO additional fee for additional users. You can share your data without worrying with multiple parties, and enjoy doing efficient business with your customers and partners.

What do you get

As a customer from WACSonline it is our goal to unburden you on IT level. Next to the implementation of the product you also get:

  • Project and productmanagement

    Business expertise and projectleading

  • Training

    Extensive manual and possibilty for personalised trainingsessions

  • Support - Helpdesk

    24/7 online helpdesk and direct telephonic support during office hours.

  • Regular updates via in-house development

    Analyses and agile development based on your input.

  • Hosting via our datacenter

    Optimal availibility , unlimited diskspace and automatic backups

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