Meet some of our customers in the government, transport and garage sectors

Mercedes-symbol“Important in our decision was that WACSonline was open to our comments, unlike the previous supplier. The helpdesk is also very motivated. Finally, the fact that we can log in everywhere is a very pleasant introduction to ‘working in the cloud’.”

Sabine Balduyck, MERCEDES-BENZ

Garage Van Goethem

The Citroën Garage by Filip Van Goethem of Sint-Gillis-Waas worked until recently with another Dealer Management System. But that did not work as he would like, and so Van Goethem sought an alternative to us. Filip has since been very much in favor of the innovation that WACSonline stands for.


Filip Van Goethem: “I think WACSonline is a leading-edge company that can certainly be European level “

“I think WACSonline is a leading-edge company that can definitely be European level,” Filip begins. “They are already working in the cloud and this has the advantage that you can use the services with infinite users. It also works without licenses and expensive monthly amounts. ”

No expensive servers anymore

The speed of the program also continues with the speed of the internet, says Filip. “And you do not have to have expensive servers with the corresponding backups. WACSonline invoices per invoiced order. As a result, you are not bound and the DMS remains active and continuously optimizes its service.

Super fast and flexible

“I worked with Carfac and this company is called shameful,” says Filip, “and then I’m still mild. What a difference with WACSonline, that’s super fast, flexible and hugely innovative. I am very happy that I chose to enter the innovative tour. It’s so fast that you should dare to learn. My slogan is therefore “The sky is the limit,” Filip laughs.

City Breda

Breda is the third largest city in the Netherlans,  West Brabant with more than 180,000 inhabitants, but is perhaps the most efficient when it comes to fleet management. “Since our new fleet management module has been integrated, this means a real improvement in terms of operational and financial success, both internally and externally,” says Dolf Brinkmans, Information Manager, Director Management at the Dutch municipality.


Dolf Brinkmans: “The clear language that is spoken, I find it a relief in the midst of the often vague language in ICT country.”

We can regard our northern neighbours from Breda as a loyal and satisfied customer. They use our tools very intensively. We may experience that whenever we visit.

“I am very pleased with the cooperation with Transport Care and the product WACSonline in itself,” said Brinkmans. “Our fleet is very varied, from light to heavy. Our waste disposal service is also below and we consider expanding this with waste containers. The WACSonline fleet management module represents a significant improvement in operational and financial succession, both internally and externally. ”

Dolf underscores. “My colleagues like to work with the tools, too, because it saves them a lot of email and phone traffic. This makes it more efficient, and every employer is aiming for this. The clear language that is spoken, I find it a relief among the often vague language in ICT country. “In addition to the fleet management module, our rental software is also used. “This gives us a better insight into availability and costs,” Dolf decided.


Recently, we can also welcome Truckland from the Netherlands as a customer. The specialist in commercial vehicles uses our smart online plan board in its first of the 11 branches.


Arjan den Besten: “The unlimited number of users and the fact that, thanks to the cloud, I can consult and rearrange the plan board anywhere, it has been decisive to go with WACSonline.”

Truckland is a concept within the commercial vehicle market. “With a wide geographic network of locations, Truckland focuses on the delivery and maintenance of light and heavy commercial vehicles and all that is related,” says Arjan den Besten, Truckland’s after sales manager. “In addition to being a service dealer of the DAF, GINAF, FIAT, IVECO, MAN, VW and RENDERS brands, we also have a lot of experience in maintaining MERCEDES, SCANIA and VOLVO company cars. In addition, we have a lot of knowledge in the field of hydraulics as there are cleaning vehicles, garbage trucks, load valves, cargo cranes and container systems. Through this multi-brand philosophy and broad expertise, we are now able to keep the complete company fleet of our customers in optimal condition. ”

Why WACSonline?

The choice for WACSonline came after some adjustments of the online plan board. “The WACSonline team was very flexible,” says Besten. “In addition to these improvements, the unlimited number of users and the fact that, thanks to the cloud, I can consult and rearrange the plan board everywhere, it has been decisive to go for WACSonline.”


The Dutch headquarters of Heisterkamp Truck & Trailer Service already uses WACS, our platform for online workshop and fleet management. 

Huub Boswerger: “The system is a modular software that is continuously being developed in collaboration with expert market participants.”

Heisterkamp may be one of the largest transport companies in Europe. Most European operators are far less the 1,000 tractors that makes this Dutch company available throughout  Europe. The two largest Workshops are located at the headquarters in Oldenzaal and Travemünde. After the Netherlands, WACS was also successfully implemented in Germany.

“Heisterkamp Truck & Trailer Service wants to distinguish itself with high-quality customer and market-oriented services,” said Huub Boswerger, Workshop Manager at Heisterkamp. “Therefore, an IT solution had to focus on our customers and the own truck and trailer fleet by giving information and online access. A proactive approach to customers and short digital communication lines is also a must in the current ‘internet’ age. Of course, the quality of our services and the efficiency of the Workshops and Warehousin remain a priority.”

Therefore WACSonline

For these reasons, Heisterkamp chose after a thorough selection for WACS, our cloud-based automotive platform. “We had some basic requirements,” said Huub. “We wanted a standard software package based on best practices and a modular software system that is being continuously developed in collaboration with expert market participants. WACS fully complies here.”

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