During my visits to various garages, the conclusion was that they all face the same 3 challenges. Preservation of stability in a world of change, followed by adjusted human resource management and flexible customer service.

Remarkably, all garage owners, whom I interviewed, urge for STABILITY combined with the strong awareness of the CHANGING world around them.the secret revealed

They know they have to participate, if they wish to keep their business (stable). But equally remarkable is their rather cautious attitude … ..

Numbers 2 and 3 were sound HUMAN RESOURCE management  linked to better CUSTOMER service.

That’s a hard one, the desire of employees to a healthy work-life balance, building a motivated team and finding and retaining the right people is not easy. A possible solution is switching to result commitment based on trust, also the basis for the third challenge.

Customers want more transparency and flexibility. Their service planning has a direct impact on the garage planning. Optimal planning avoids surprises such as activity peaks and downfalls and linked costs.

All agree that the INTERNET is undeniably the only way forward. A necessary evil for some, …

  • Before you know it, you get a tablet instead of a good book as a birthday gift.
  • Customers and family start sending you e-mails… 
  • You suddenly realize that  you are dragged into the digital information shift
  • The transition from a pleasant chat or reading of  the newspaper at breakfast to the Internet monster.”

How will you incorporate the digital information shift to solve those 3 challenges? Some food for thought…